07 February, 2016
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How it works

Discovering how the LivingWater® process produces water that is substantially healthier than standard filtered or 'energised water' imitators is crucial to understanding why our volcanic mineral water filter is one of the best decisions you can make for your health.

"LivingWater has a profound effect on the body... when tested it creates perfectly balanced readings on acupuncture points, on a wide variety of meridians and people. I have never seen this effect in such a complete way from any other water sample ever tested."

Dr D. Bartram BDS Bac FACNEM - Australia

Unique Volcanic Minerals

Each Wellness Filter® contains a permanent core of natural volcanic minerals that are designed to replicate precisely how spring water is produced in nature.

From the medical spa grade SGES Tenko-Seki, which uses far-infrared energy to produce negative ions (a natural antioxidant) through to the medicinally certified Bakuhan, every volcanic mineral used in the LivingWater® process has been carefully selected based on their ability to produce a class of water that is considered by many to be of a higher quality than the world's leading bottled spring waters.

Discover the Secret

It is one thing to find all these unique volcanic minerals like these inside a water filter. It is quite another to combine them in such a way that they become more than the sum of their parts.

"Although I always drank a lot of filtered water in the past, it did not have the life changing properties of the Wellness water filter. Straight away I noticed a HUGE difference in  my health. My energy levels went up tremendously and I have the feeling of  wellness like the name of your product. This is the best I have felt for many years. I highly recommend your product to everybody."

Mrs A. S - Australia

It is the ability to bring all of these minerals together in a scientifically designed system that is the key to creating a pure, healthy LivingWater®. To find out how click here.


Paramagnetic minerals formed in ancient volcanic processes

Paramagnetic volcanic lava is the key to the LivingWater process



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